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Artículo: Tips For Paddle Boarding For Beginners

Tips For Paddle Boarding For Beginners
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Tips For Paddle Boarding For Beginners

Tips For Paddle Boarding For Beginners
Here are some top tips to make your paddleboarding more enjoyable and easier.
1. Hold The Paddle Correctly
Many new paddleboarders make the mistake of holding the paddle the wrong way. The proper way to hold the paddle is with the blade angled away, not towards you.With the blade angled away, your paddle stroke will be smoother, and you will have less stress on your upper body.
2. Take It Easy
As a beginner paddleboarder, don't get too ambitious. Start by only going out in clam conditions, avoiding rough seas and big waves. You need to develop some skills and fitness before attempting anything other than flat water.
3. Pay Attention To The Wind
The wind can gradually transport you in a direction you don't want to go. As you act as a sail while standing on the board. But it can be so subtle you don't realize it. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to your course.If the wind becomes stronger while you are out on the water. Lie down on the board with the paddle tucked under you. Then use your hands to paddle back to safety.
4. Pay Attention To Water Currents
Currents under the water can have a similar effect to the wind. You may find yourself racing along happily in one direction but struggling to make progress when you head back.This is because the current is running in one direction, causing you to fight it on the way back. This can slow down your progress and make you tired, so try to be mindful of the flow of water.
Final Thoughts
You will find that paddleboarding is a varied sport, with disciplines ranging from big wave surfing to paddleboard yoga. Once you have the basics, you will be able to unlock a lot of potential for fun on the water.

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