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Article: Discover the Best Paddleboarding Spots in Toronto

Discover the Best Paddleboarding Spots in Toronto
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Discover the Best Paddleboarding Spots in Toronto

Toronto is a vibrant city known for its diverse attractions, from the iconic CN Tower to the lively Distillery District. But did you know that the city also offers some excellent spots for paddleboarding? Whether you're a seasoned paddleboarder or new to the sport, Toronto has plenty of beautiful waterways and scenic locations that are perfect for this exhilarating activity.

In this guide, we'll explore the top 10 places to paddleboard in Toronto, providing you with all the information you need to plan your next paddleboarding adventure.

1. Humber Bay Shores

Humber Bay Shores is a stunning waterfront area located on the western edge of Toronto. This picturesque location offers calm, protected waters that are ideal for paddleboarding. With its beautiful views of the Toronto skyline and the serene Humber River, Humber Bay Shores is a popular destination for both beginners and experienced paddleboarders.

2. Harbourfront

The Harbourfront area in downtown Toronto is a bustling hub of activity, and it's also a great spot for paddleboarding. The calm waters of Lake Ontario provide a peaceful setting for paddling, while the surrounding parks and promenades offer plenty of opportunities to explore the city's vibrant waterfront.

3. Cherry Beach

Nestled in the eastern part of Toronto, Cherry Beach is a hidden gem for paddleboarding enthusiasts. This tranquil beach offers a secluded and scenic setting, with gently lapping waves and stunning views of the Toronto skyline. Cherry Beach is a popular spot for SUP yoga and other water-based activities.

4. Toronto Islands

The Toronto Islands are an archipelago of small islands located just offshore from the city's downtown core. These picturesque islands offer a serene and car-free environment, perfect for exploring by paddleboard. With several launch points and calm, protected waters, the Toronto Islands are a must-visit destination for paddleboarding in the city.

5. Bluffer's Park

Bluffer's Park, located in the eastern part of Toronto, is known for its stunning limestone cliffs and serene waterfront. This scenic location offers excellent paddleboarding opportunities, with calm waters and breathtaking views of the Scarborough Bluffs. Bluffer's Park is a popular destination for both recreational paddlers and those looking to challenge themselves with more advanced maneuvers.

6. High Park

High Park, one of Toronto's largest and most beloved green spaces, also offers opportunities for paddleboarding. The tranquil Grenadier Pond within the park provides a peaceful setting for a leisurely paddle, surrounded by lush greenery and wildlife.

7. Mimico Waterfront Park

Mimico Waterfront Park, situated along the shores of Lake Ontario, is a hidden gem for paddleboarding in Toronto. This serene and picturesque location offers easy access to the water, with a designated launch point and ample parking. Paddleboarders can enjoy stunning views of the Toronto skyline and the surrounding wetlands.

8. Tommy Thompson Park

Tommy Thompson Park, also known as the Leslie Street Spit, is a unique and ecologically diverse location that's perfect for paddleboarding. This man-made peninsula juts out into Lake Ontario, offering calm waters and stunning views of the city's skyline and the natural wetlands that surround it.

9. Scarborough Bluffs

The Scarborough Bluffs, a stunning natural wonder on Toronto's eastern waterfront, provide a dramatic backdrop for paddleboarding. With their towering limestone cliffs and serene waters, the Bluffs offer a truly breathtaking experience for paddleboarders. Be sure to exercise caution and check for any local restrictions before launching your board in this area.

10. Etobicoke Lakeshore

The Etobicoke Lakeshore region, located in the western part of Toronto, is a popular destination for paddleboarding. With its well-maintained parks, easy access to the water, and stunning views of Lake Ontario, this area is a favorite among both local and visiting paddleboarders.


What type of paddle boards are best for Toronto's waterways?

Inflatable stand-up paddle boards are a great choice for paddleboarding in Toronto. They are easy to transport, durable, and can handle the varying water conditions found in the city's lakes and rivers.

Do I need any special equipment or gear for paddleboarding in Toronto?

In addition to a paddle board, it's recommended to wear a life jacket, and bring a leash to secure your board. Some locations may also require you to wear a whistle or have other safety equipment.

Are there any paddleboarding rentals or tours available in Toronto?

Yes, there are several companies that offer paddleboard rentals and guided tours in various locations around the city. This can be a great option for first-time paddleboarders or those looking to explore new areas.


Toronto's waterfront offers a wealth of opportunities for paddleboarding enthusiasts. From the serene Humber Bay Shores to the stunning Scarborough Bluffs, the city's diverse range of paddleboarding spots cater to all skill levels and preferences.

Whether you're looking to enjoy a peaceful solo paddle, or join a guided tour with friends, the top 10 places we've highlighted in this guide are sure to provide an unforgettable paddleboarding experience. So grab your board, slather on some sunscreen, and get ready to explore the beautiful waterways of Toronto on your next paddleboarding adventure.

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